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Peers helps organizations in providing IT staffing services at various levels that best fit into the client's requirements. Peers Strategic IT Staffing services will reduce liabilities, decrease development time, increase profits and allow an organization to expand its capabilities without limits. Our Staffing services have proven expertise, innovation, flexibility and access to a huge database of IT professionals across

 various Technologies and Business domains to meet an organization's Temporary/Permanent staffing needs. Our knowledgeable and Experienced Techno-HR recruitment team interviews and evaluates all candidates through our well identified processes to ensure an appropriate match between employee and employer. Peers objective is not  just provide a resource to meet the clients requirement but also provide ongoing monitoring of their performance, ensuring adherence to quality standards, on-time delivery and measurable results, etc. Peers offers 3 models of staffing services to meet the various requirements of the clients.


Permanent Hire Service: For companies looking to expand their core IT staff without incurring costs or risk of recruitment process, Peers Technologies  Permanent Hire  staffing model   is the made-to-order solution. Our Permanent Hire Service takes care of the entire recruitment and assessment process of the company and provides the shortlisted resources for permanent hiring by the company.


Contract to Hire Service:  A safe alternative to permanent hiring, our Contract  to Hire model allows clients to reduce costs to hire, check attrition rates and attract high caliber employees. Contract to Hire staffing model is suitable for few weeks or months to cover up for vacation replacements, temporary shortage or project based task. The selected resources will be on Peers Payroll and will serve the client on contract basis.


Campus Recruitment Service: Peers has designed a unique Campus Recruitment Service which takes care of all the process of campus recruitment right from assessment of the students to the training of the recruited students and thus providing the organizations with ready-to-deploy resources which reduces a lot of overheads incurred by the organizations in the entire process of campus recruitment.