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Faculty Profile      

Our Success is founded on our highly qualified, professional team of instructors. We have the best of bread IT professionals, most of whom are certified Professionals in various technologies with proven industrial experience. Our instructors bring together years of experience in working for industry leaders. They have knowledge of and in-depth industry experience in technologies in all the hot areas of today's market -- Internet Technologies, Client-Server applications, Business Application software, Test Automation etc.


At Peers, we deliver a blend of knowledge, experience, speed and efficiency that is readily engaged, executed and applied to a market needs or business requirements.

Our training methodology is designed with an objective of bridging the gap between the knowledge gained from a classroom experience and practical implementation for real world applications. Our Courteous instructors with excellent presentation and communication skills added with the combination of technical expertise and real world experience are committed to deliver in-depth quality training which help students to learn at their pace using well-tailored training methodology. Our mentoring service is provided before and after a class is delivered. The instructors assist in development, solve problems and generally bring the concepts presented in class to reality in the work place. Our instructors provide constant support to the students by answering their queries through emails and also by one to one session.