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Enterprises Portals       

The term "enterprise portal" refers to an intranet platform which provides access to enterprise data as well as resources of the information system within a single interface. A seamless integration with existing environment is critical. Peers Portal Framework not only integrates with business components like content management systems, search engines, security/Web SSO tools and business process management tools, but also acts as a consumer of service oriented architecture-based services, participates and integrates with the organization's identity management strategy and enables 'digitized' self service applications.


Our unique methodology in designing portal systems results in preserving the operation and integrity of enterprise legacy applications, and provides an enterprise model for integrating existing applications into the Portal System. This approach allows for the integration and presentation of data from relational systems, legacy mainframes, unstructured data, and external data to provide users with a cohesive view of the enterprise based on data they need and are authorized to see. Our portal solutions help to deliver high performance through reduced operational expenses, simplified application maintenance, improved CRM and customer satisfaction. Our unique skills in business analysis, architecture and delivery allow us to provide support throughout the portal project lifecycle. Peers also offers ongoing Portal  maintenance.

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