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    For organizations looking to expand their core IT staff without incurring costs or risk of recruitment process, Peers Technologies  Permanent Hire  staffing model   is the made-to-order solution. We are ably equipped to deliver  IT Staffing resources that are critical to the success of your organization. Our highly trained pool of IT consultants enable organizations to meet challenges by minimizing prohibitive human resource overheads, lengthy recruiting and assessment processes.


    Our team of professionals is experienced in the staffing industry and is dedicated to becoming a vital extension of the organization human resources department. Our Permanent Hire Service takes care of the entire recruitment and assessment process and provides the shortlisted resources for permanent hiring by the organization. The Permanent Hire Service allows getting the benefit of immediately filling a position without the costs associated with advertising, screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.


    Our methodology in Permanent Hiring Service:

>> Establish an in-depth understanding of the client's business, charter, goals, and opportunities for future staff.
>> Requirements analysis to define in detail the specifics of the position's requirements and responsibilities
>> Research, network, and screen potential candidates based on skills, experience and position.
>> Identify qualified candidates meeting the profile
>> Set up interviews for short-listed candidates
>> Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews
>> Verifying backgrounds and check references
>> Negotiating salaries
>> Recommend the Shortlisted candidates to the Client HR team
>> Contribute to the decision making process
>> Post-Recruitment follow up and support that allows for on-the-job feedback and adjustments.
>> Contribute to the decision making process of the Clients HR Team
>> Initiate contract formalities and other procedures
>> Quick replacement of the resources on need basis.
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