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Contract to Hire       

A safe alternative to permanent hiring, our Contract to Hire model allows clients to reduce costs to hire, check attrition rates and attract high caliber employees. Contract to Hire staffing is suitable for few weeks or months to cover up for vacation replacements, temporary shortage or project based task. The selected resources will be on Peers Payroll and will serve the client on contract basis.


Peers has a wide selection of contract workers experienced across a range of technologies. The client is assured of the best choice of employees available with backups in case of contingences.  Peers does not compromise on quality of employees or the responsiveness of the clients. Peers has proven track record for placing experienced and knowledgeable individuals who will perform this job effectively. We have developed a core competency in understanding the client’s requirements. Our well identified  processes and stringent recruitment methodology for evaluating individual helps ensure that every individual selected is experienced in areas that augment the skills of clients existing team and are best fit into the clients requirements.



Our methodology in  Contract To Hire Service:

>> Establish an in-depth understanding of the client's recruitment needs.
>> Requirements analysis to define in detail the specifics of the position's requirements and responsibilities
>> Search the database of IT professionals across various Technologies and Business domains who meet the specific requirements of the clients.
>> Quick response time to client requirements with already short listed CVs ,resulting in time saving
>> Set up interviews for short-listed candidates
>> Identify qualified candidates meeting the profile
>> Contribute to the decision making process of the Clients HR Team
>> Initiate contract formalities and other procedures
>> Post-Contract follow up and support that allows for on-the-job feedback and adjustments.
>> Quick replacement of the resources on need basis.
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