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Campus Recruitment      

Campus Recruitment refers to the system where various organizations visit to the college campuses to recruit bright youngsters to work for them. The recruitment is done during the final academic year of the student. Once the students join their organization, they are provided with the required training in the technologies to acquire professional skills to accomplish their job assignments.

 The entire process involves a lot of human resource overheads, lengthy time, incurring of high costs etc. To cater to these needs Peers has designed a unique Campus Recruitment Service which takes care of all the process of campus recruitment right from assessment of the students to the training of the recruited students and thus providing the organizations with ready-to deploy resources which reduces a lot of overheads incurred by the organizations in the process of campus recruitment.


Our methodology in Campus recruitment Service:

>> Establish an in-depth understanding of the client's business, charter, goals, and opportunities for future staff.
>> Requirements analysis to define in detail the specifics of the position's requirements and responsibilities.
>> Form a Client specific Recruitment Team along with the client team if required.
>> Visit Colleges and screen potential candidates based on skills required by the client.
>> Conducting technical and aptitude tests, in-depth interviews and group discussions.
>> Identify qualified candidates meeting the requirements
>> Verifying backgrounds and check references
>> Recommend the Shortlisted candidates to the Client HR team
>> Contribute to the decision making process
>> Conduct training to the recruited candidates of the client in the required software technologies which enable them to acquire professional skills to accomplish their job assignments.
>> Prepare the candidates as ready-to deploy resources by providing the necessary training in both Soft and Technical skills.
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