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Become a Franchisee       

Peers technologies derives its competitive advantage form 10 years of experience in providing high quality IT training Services to millions of students  in various software technologies. Our proven track record of high quality training, technical excellence and team of highly qualified, certified, talented instructors with proven industrial experience, made Peers technologies as best in its class and created brand image through the word of mouth.

As part of expansion plan, Peers offers a unique business opportunity through its Franchisee model, of its IT Training Division.. We are looking for Business partners in order to make our presence in the entire Andhra Pradesh and later all over India. While started to expand in Andhra Pradesh we are more focused to bring our expertise to the door steps of developing states to develop ready to deploy IT professionals from these states as first step of our plans to spread all over India. PEERS has ambitious growth plans with a well-chalked out strategy for achieving these expansion plans. We are sure you will appreciate the advantages that will accrue to you out of your association with a dynamic organization.



When you partner with Peers for providing IT Training Services the benefits you gain access to:


  • Brand-Name: As one would appreciate, the business of Computer Education with Franchisee Operations revolves around the brand name and the perceived advantages associated with it. To begin with on being appointed as the Franchisee for a particular territory, you would get the immeasurable benefit of an ultra-strong brand name.

  • Product-Development Team:  Product Development Team (PDT) plays a pivotal role in Image projection, and the regular business. Our expert Product Development Team comprising  of well experienced subject matter experts exclusively works on preparation  and construction of the  courseware , Faculty guide, Presenter’s Manual and PPT’s  for various technologies which  assist the faculty members in providing an effective training.

  • Peers Professional Certification: Students enrolled for any professional course are entitled to write an exam for the same. The successful students would be awarded PEERS certificates. These certificates have come to symbolize a certain standard of teaching and level of knowledge.

  • Training for faculty: Training for your faculty and Lab faculty members  would be provide by Peers in-house experts, who have mastered the wide range of technologies related to the course curriculum. Technical staff is regularly upgraded on the technical front, as and when a new course is launched.

  • Training for Executives: Training for marketing executives and counselors would be  provided by Peers team of  experts. Marketing staff would be given rigorous training in counseling techniques, general administration and installment collection techniques. PEERS have developed a special Counselor Training Module (CTM) for the development of counselors. Marketing Executives would be provided with a Sales Presentation Kit (SPK) which would be immensely useful while making sales calls.

  • Project Start-Up Guidance: Peers will provide you with the complete set up on hardware (site selection, center layout, infrastructure i.e, furniture and interior decorations; man power recruitment assistance) and software as per the standards maintained by the parent institute in order to get maximum benefit of the PEERS brand name

  • On-going   Business Support: We provide marketing support in the areas of advertisement concepts for the promotion of products organizing seminars and presentations; planning and monitoring the marketing strategies to enable the center generate good Revenues. We provide technical support regularly to centers in areas like batch scheduling, faculty assessment and up-gradations through constant training.

  • Advertisement Support: Franchisees would benefit tremendously on account of the Peers tie-up with the ad agency, as you would gain from strong advertising support by paying only a fraction of the total cost.

  • Peers Common Faculty Pool: The main objective here is to support the centers to impart quality education to the students of PEERS. CFP is a congregation of highly motivated, experienced and technically qualified faculties who would impart quality training. The faculty from the CFP will be deputed to the center for a prerequisite period of time.

  • Placement Assistance Cell: Committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to  the student needs,  Peers  provides  Placement  assistance  to all its students enrolled in the training programs.  The vision behind the placement cell is to identify the student with the right skills and guide him to the right job, thus enabling a promising career to the student.


So in total you can expect a DEDICATED AND QAULITY SUPPORT from us.  Business model  looks interesting. Then why wait!  Join  our journey to success in making young generation ready for future…….

Thank you for your interest in our Franchisee, For more information Click here